District Director

Angela Lee DTM

Angela Lee may have set a record for how fast she moved from Club President, to Area Director, Division Director, Club Growth Director, and Program Quality Director to, now, Division Director. One step forward each year! Members are always welcome to call or text Angela at 954-555-1212

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Program Quality Director

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Club Growth Director

Sally Supreme DTM

Administration Manager

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Wendy Turnover DTM

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Area 5 Director, Division A

David F. Carr DTM

Founder of Online Presenters and of the WordPress for Toastmasters project. Past President and member of Club Awesome in Coral Springs, Florida. Also former Area Governor, District Social Media Director. Outside of Toastmasters: writer, editor, and digital marketing consultant. Contributor to Forbes and author, Social Collaboration for Dummies. Formerly an editor at publications including InformationWeek, Baseline Magazine, Internet World, and WebWeek.

Area 21 Director, Division B

Arly Sumpter DTM

Area 22 Director, Division B

David Williams